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Indiana Beta Alumni

The undergraduates of the Indiana Beta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon value our alumni as vital parts of our chapter's history and we greatly appreciate your interest in our chapter. We hope that throughout these pages you will see that the current chapter is striving to excel in all areas including recruitment, academics and campus involvement. Please visit the alumni page to re-connect and learn more about upcoming alumni events.

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Interested In SigEp?

Incoming freshmen and sophomores: We are always looking for quality men to strengthen our brotherhood. If you are interested in learning more about us and finding out if SigEp is a place you could call home, please visit our Recruitment page to inform us of your interest. For more information, please contact:

Josh Gentry, Vice President of Recruitment 

Balanced Man Scholarship

High school seniors: Apply for the 2017 Balanced Man Scholarship at javascript:nicTemp();


Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love.

These values have been, and remain, the cardinal principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon and represent our core values. SigEp is uniquely positioned among American college fraternities to build the lives of not only its proud brothers, but also the communities in which they live and work. By building balanced leaders of character and clear values, the Indiana Beta chapter of Indiana University has initiated over 2,100 men ready to take on the world. 

When you choose to join Sigma Phi Epsilon you are not alone.  Since its founding on November 1, 1901 in Richmond, Virginia, more than 290,000 men have joined Sigma Phi Epsilon in pursuit of these principles. Today, Sigma Phi Epsilon prides itself as the largest college fraternity in the world, with over 15,000 undergraduates at 250 chapters. Sigma Phi Epsilon exists both for and because of its members. Therefore, brothers are expected to contribute to our collective success as well as benefit from the unique philosophy, programming and experiences SigEp offers.

Sigma Phi Epsilon at Indiana University offers many experiences you will not find in any other student organization on campus. Established here at Indiana University on June 6, 1931, the Indiana Beta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has continued to be both a positive presence and standard for excellence on campus. Indiana Beta stands for both academic and social excellence and drives its brothers to be engaged in their house, school, and surrounding community.  To learn more about what we stand for, please visit our About Us page.